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Ligon Duncan on the Means of Grace

March 11th, 2010 | Comments Off

How does a church function? How do Christians grow? In a day of confusion, it is great to read a clear-thinking, God-centered article addressing this question. In 2007, Ligon Duncan, pastor of Jackson, Mississippi’s First Presbyterian Church published on this matter. Continue Reading →

A Useful Tool for Reading John Owen on Hebrews 8

February 17th, 2010 | Comments Off

Brandon Adams from Orange, CA has posted a very useful expandable outline of John Owen’s commentary on Hebrews 8:6-13. You will find it here.

Daniel Dyke, A.M., Particular Baptist Minister

February 12th, 2010 | Comments Off

From a 19th Century periodical The Church published in the north of England, we take this brief biography of a little known father of our faith. Continue Reading →

Shared Gospel Ministry

February 9th, 2010 | Comments Off

In the Second London Confession, Chapter 27 paragraph 2 we read: “Saints by profession are bound to maintain an holy fellowship and communion in the worship of God, and in performing such other spiritual services, as tend to their mutual edification; as also in relieving each other in  outward things according to their several abilities, and necessities; which communion according to the rule of the Gospel, though especially to be exercised by them, in the relations wherein they stand, whether in families, or Churches; yet as God offereth opportunity is to be extended to all the household of faith, even all those who in every place call upon the name of the Lord Jesus.” Continue Reading →

A ‘Man-Taker’

February 5th, 2010 | Comments Off

Joseph Ivimey records this fascinating anecdote about a 17th century General Baptist pastor, George Hammon. It was the normal practice of the day for ministers to do itinerant evangelistic work, even during times of great persecution. Continue Reading →

Nehemiah Coxe on the Importance of the Gospel Ministry and the Means of Grace

February 1st, 2010 | Comments Off

In 1681, Nehemiah Coxe preached a sermon at the ordination of officers in a London church. That sermon was published and later portions of it were used by Benjamin Keach, in his book Tropologia, to reinforce the importance of the gospel ministry. Continue Reading →

Sobering Words about Baptism

January 28th, 2010 | Comments Off

From Benjamin Keach’s Tropologia or Preaching from the Types and Metaphors of the Bible page 632:

We would caution all that would approach to this sacred evangelical ordinance, unless they be dead to sin, that is, such as truly and really hate wickedness, and the empty vanities of the world; and unless they have a prospect of, and long to have an interest in that never-fading inheritance, promised by our dear Lord Jesus to his children; not to profane this blessed institution; because, if they want [i.e. lack] the due qualification of serious and converted souls, viz., faith, repentance, and good lives, they are hereby entitled, not real members of Christ, but hypocrites, and incur as great a hazard, as such do who eat and drink unworthily of the Lord’s supper.

The Headship of Christ in the Church

January 8th, 2010 | Comments Off

From John Cotton’s The Keys of the Kingdom 65-67

All legislative power (power of making of Laws) in the Church is in [Christ], and not from him derived to any other, Jam. 4. 12. La. 33. 22. The power derived to others, is onely to publish and execute his Laws and Ordinances, and to see them observed, Mat. 28. 20. His Laws are perfect, Psal. 19. 9. and do make the man of God perfect to every good work, 2 Tim. 3. 17. and need no addition. Continue Reading →

Pastor, How do you spend your time?

January 5th, 2010 | Comments Off

Pastor, how do you spend your time? Is it devoted to the study of spiritual things?  Here are some words from a Master, comments made in an ordination sermon:

And I do not know a warning that I judge more necessary to be given those who are called this day, than to charge them not to trade too much with their natural gifts, and abilities, and learning. Continue Reading →

On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity

December 25th, 2009 | Comments Off

On The Morning of Christ’s Nativity by John Milton, 1629

This is the month, and this the happy morn
Wherein the Son of Heav’ns eternal King,
Of wedded Maid, and Virgin Mother born,
Our great redemption from above did bring;
For so the holy pages once did sing,
That He our deadly forfeit should release,
And with His Father work us a perpetual peace.

That glorious Form, that Light unsufferable,
And that far-beaming blaze of Majesty,
Wherewith He wont at Heaven’s high Councel-Table
To sit the midst of Trinal Unity,
He laid aside: and here with us to be,
Forsook the courts of everlasting day,
And chose with us a darksome house of mortal Clay.

Say heav’nly Muse, shall not thy sacred vein
Afford a present to the Infant God ?
Hast thou no vers, no hymn, or solemn strein,
To welcome him to this his new abode,
Now while the Heav’n, by the Suns team untrod,
Hath took no print of the approching light,
And all the spangled host keep watch in squadrons bright?

See how from far upon the Eastern rode
The Star-led Wisards haste with odours sweet:
O run, prevent them with thy humble ode,
And lay it lowly at His blessed feet;
Have thou the honour first, thy Lord to greet,
And join thy voice unto the angel Quire,
From out His secret Altar toucht with hallow’d fire.