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Report from the Texas IRBS extension classes

By admin | March 28, 2008

From Prof. Renihan:

Greetings. We are in our final weekend of extension classes held in Mansfield, TX. The Lord’s blessings have been evident. I have been teaching a course that is based on the first part of my first-year pastoral theology class in Escondido. We studied the call to the ministry, and then moved on to consider the minister’s growth in grace and giftedness; now we are contemplating his self-conscious identity and a herald, ambassador and servant of Christ.

IRBS Senior Fellow Dr. Fred Malone has been teaching a course entitled “Preaching Christ from all the Scriptures.” It has been a great refreshment for me to sit under his ministry and profit from his study. Last night, Dr. Malone was beginning to come to the practical implementation of the principles he has been teaching. He summarized his methodology in eight points. They are so helpful, that I asked his permission to put them on our website today. You will find them below.

Though this is our last weekend in Texas, God willing, we shall do these courses over again in Fayetteville, Georgia on weekends in September, October and November. We would love to have many men participate in those classes.

Now, here is Dr. Malone’s eight point summary. I think that they are an excellent summary of proper theological methodology for preaching.

The Practice of preaching Christ in all the Scriptures

From the perspective of the analogy of faith, we know several things as we approach any particular text of Scripture:

  1. The God of the Bible is Trinity; one God in three persons, each fully God.
  2. God has revealed himself to man through the method of covenantal revelation, planned before the foundation of the world.
  3. The two great heads of the historical covenants are Adam and Christ.
  4. The two great historical covenants are the Covenant of Works and the Covenant of Grace.
  5. The two great principles of God’s revelation to man, which override the ultimate meaning of any text, are the revelation of Law and/or the revelation of grace.
  6. The revelation of Grace to man is found exclusively and comprehensively in Jesus Christ, and the gospel of his person and work. This includes the revelation of his offices as Prophet, priest and King as well as the meaning and application of his eternal divine being. His incarnation, his impeccable life, his atoning death, his victorious resurrection, his ascended reign, and his glorious return.
  7. Exegesis for preaching any text includes its grammatical meaning, its historical meaning in its biblical theological context, and its one sense in systematic theology according to the analogy of faith.
  8. Therefore, the preaching of Jesus Christ in all the Scriptures comprehensively includes the message of the Law and the Gospel in every text and its application to the particular hearers in terms of justification and sanctification.

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