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Inside the Fence

By admin | July 2, 2009

I cannot express how much I enjoyed our recent tour of England. I will try to post some thoughts and pictures from some of the highlights. A question one must answer when planning a tour such as this is, “How do we keep the Lord’s Day holy?” Just because one is on vacation, we are not permitted to ignore it and treat it like any other day of the week. So, we sought to plan carefully for the day. In the morning, our group hedaed out to the Metroplitan Tabernacle. We enjoyed the morning worship, and were glad that Dr. Peter Masters preached. The worship was reverent and it was great to see the building filled with about 600 worshipers.

In the afternoon, we headed to two of London’s cemeteries. I always find a visit to a cemetery to be a sanctifying experience, as it reminds me powerfully of the vrevity of life and the neccesity of preparation for death. First, we visited Bunhill Fields Burial Ground. Since Dissenters from the Church of England could not be buried in ‘consecrated ground’ (i.e. church yeards), this place was set aside for them, Over 123,000 people were laid to rest there over a span of just under 200 years. Among those here are John Owen, John Bunyan, Thomas Goodiwn, Isaac Watts, John Gill, Nehemiah Coxe, William Kiffin, John Rippon, Susannah Wesley and many others.  It was a special privilege to get inside the gates and be able to get close to the tombs. We walked and talked about the great day of resurrection when the dead in Christ will rise first, and then those believers who are alive will join them. This would be an incredible place to be on that day, watching the bodies of so many faithful believers reanimate and rise to be forever with the Lord.

By the tomb of Isaac Watts

The tomb of Isaac Watts. Give to Our God Immortal Praise!

We will stand together before Christ one day!

By the tomb of John Owen. We will stand together before Christ one day!

A marker at John Rippon's tomb

A marker at John Rippon's tomb

Next, we drove across the city to the West Norwood Cemetery, where Charles Haddon Spurgeon awaits the resurrection. It was appropriate that we began the day at his church, and then visited his tomb.

The tomb of Charles and Susannah Spurgeon

The tomb of Charles and Susannah Spurgeon

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