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B&PH Tour Day 8

By admin | June 20, 2009

Today we are in the ancient Roman town, Bath (for all of us Americans, that is Baath–you will be corrected if you don’t say it properly). While there isn’t much here in the way of Baptist or Puritan history, it is nevertheless a beautiful town and worth a visit. We will visit the site of one of Lady Huntingdon’s Chapels, which is now the Building of Bath Museum. A follower of Whitefield and Wesley, she used her money and influence to provide both preachers of the gospel for evangelism as well as private chapels to promote the revival. One of these chapels was built in the corrupt and vice-filled resort city of Bath. Along with this, we will visit the amazing Roman Baths, as well as one of the most interesting Cathedrals in England, Bath Abbey. It is interesting because the interior is very bright, at least compared to most other British Cathedrals.

At the end of the day, we will have an informal talk on West Country Baptist History by IRBS Fellow Dr. Robert Oliver.

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