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B&PH Tour Day 6

By admin | June 18, 2009

Ah, one of the true highlights of our tour is today. We will be taking a special Pilgrim Tour, exploring the sites associated with the Mayflower Pilgrims. This has special interest for my wife and I, as Lynne is a Mayflower descendant, from the line of Richard Warren. The story of John Robinson’s separtist congregation, at least in its journey to the New World, is well known. But today we will see the places where they met and forged ideas central to the American identity. Plimouth Plantation in Massachusetts is a wonderful place to visit; I expect that these sites in the Old World will be wonderful to see as well.

Of course, this is not, strictly speaking, a puritan day. The Mayflower Pilgrims were Separatists, having left the Church of England, viewing it as corrupt. Puritans sought reformation from within. This distinction explains why there were two colonies in what is now Massachusetts: the Plymouth Colony of the Mayflower group, and the Massachusetts Bay Colony, centered on Boston and made up of puritans.

There is a Baptist connection here too: John Smyth was, at least for a time, part of the Gainsborough group. When he adopted believer’s baptism, Robinson was one of the first to write against him.

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