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B&PH Tour Day 4

By admin | June 16, 2009

After a brief ride from London, we will arrive in Bedford to visit the John Bunyan Museum and to think of the work of the tinker who has done so much for the kingdom of God. While riding on the bus, we will do something that’s a lot of fun. We will read a portion of The Pilgrim’s Progress in parts, as if it were a play. I have chosen Stage One, and the portions of Stages Two and Three which relate to Christian’s conversion to faith in Christ. We will assign the different roles to people on the bus, and read through the narrative. I have done this before with a group of people, and it is both fun and edifying. It will remind us of the gospel, and prepare us to think about Bunyan and his great Savior.

After Bedford, we will travel to nearby Olney and visit the Cowper and Newton Museum. Many will know the story of the friendship between John Newton, the slave trader turned preacher John Newton and the depressive but brilliant poet William Cowper. It will be wonderful to see the home where they talked of God and his grace, and to think of the many great things done through both of them.

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