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B&PH Tour Day 2

By admin | June 14, 2009

What do you do to keep the Lord’s Day holy while on a tour in a foreign land? Well, one obvious activity is to attend church. And today, we will be visiting the Metropolitan Tabernacle, made famous by the great Charles Haddon Spurgeon. While the exterior of the building looks as it does when Spurgeon built it many years ago, the interior is not exact. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to worshiping in this wonderful house of God’s people.

In the afternoon, we will do something that I always find to be a sanctifying experience–we will visit some cemeteries. First, we will go to Spurgeon’s grave in the Norwood Cemetery. Later, we will drive across the Thames to visit the one place that I would like to be, if I had my choice, on the resurrection day: Bunhill Fields. Since ‘Dissenters’ (i.e. those who dissented from the Church of England) could not be buried in consecrated ground, this burial ground was set aside for their use. Thousands of puritans and others are buried here, including John Owen, Thomas Goodwin, John Bunyan,  William KIffin, Nehemiah Coxe, Hanserd Knollys, John Gill, John Rippon, Isaac Watts, and Susannah Wesley. It is a very moving place to visit–an oasis right in the heart of London.

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