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Baptist & Puritan History Tour Day One

By admin | June 13, 2009

For all those who could not join us on our tour, here’s our daily intinerary:

Today, Saturday June 13, we arrive in London. Our major event for the day (apart from overcoming jet-lag), is a visit to one of my favorite castles in England, Hampton Court Palace. Built by Cardinal Wolsey then taken by Henry VIII, it was the scene of some important events, including the 1604 Hapmton Court Conference between James I and representatives of the puritan movement in England. Here James issued his famous quip “No Bishop, no King’ and dashed the hopes of the puritans for further reformation in the church. One of the most eager observers was Henry Jacob, who up until then had been a supporter and defender of the church. But in the aftermath, he set in motion the wheels of protest which would lead to the formation of the so-called Jacob-Lathrop-Jessey church, which became the mother church of the early Particular Baptist Movement.

The Palace is beautiful. Some of Henry’s Tudor palace still exists, though the majority of the present structure is Gerogian. The gardens are wonderful, and the maze is fun to figure out. If you have a copy of the Banner of Truth edition of Merle D’Aubigne’s History of the Reformation in England, there is an aerial photo of Hampton Court on the dust jacket.

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