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A Summary of the Directory for Public Worship

By admin | February 24, 2009

A Summary of the Directory for Public Worship

(It is not clear that this is intended to be an order of worship; this is rather the order of the items in the Directory)

1. Congregation Assembles

2. Minister: Exhortation to worship

3. Prayer (Invocation)

4. Reading of Scripture: All canonical books—ordinarily one chapter of each testament (Exposition is permitted within boundary of time)

5. Singing Psalm (mentioned in passing)

6. Prayer of Confession; supplication for mercy; sanctification; propagation of the Gospel; those in authority; grace and assistance in ‘ordinances’ (i.e. public & private worship on Lord’s Day); furnish the preacher with help in preaching.

7. Sermon

8. Prayer: thanksgiving for the Gospel; ‘turn the chief heads of the sermon into some petitions’ & that it may bring forth fruit; preparation for death & judgment & watching for return of Christ; LORD’S PRAYER.

9. (Baptism—it is not explicit where in the order of worship baptism is to be observed)

10. Lord’s Supper: (Interval simply expressed as ‘frequently . . . considered and determined by the ministers, and other church-governors of each congregation); ‘we judge it convenient to be done after the morning sermon’.
a. Brief exhortation
b. Fence the table
c. Congregation sits at the table
d. Comment on the sanctification of the elements
e. Bless the elements
f. Read words of institution
g. Prayer for bread & wine
h. Words of Institution
i. Break bread (pass the loaf?)
j. Drink from the cup (pass the cup)
k. Thanksgiving to God
l. Collection for the poor

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