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How Would You Preach an Imprecatory Psalm?

By admin | January 21, 2009

How would you preach an imprecatory Psalm? I suspect for many of us, we never preach them, since they seem so difficult in content and spirit. And yet they are part of Holy Scripture and deserve to be brought to God’s people. In our congregation, Escondido Reformed Baptist Church, we are well into a series of sermons moving consecutively through the book of Psalms. On this past Lord’s Day, we came to the first major Imprecatory Psalm: Psalm 35. We have six men involved in a preaching rotation–our two elders and four student interns. The elders generally preach on the first two Lord’s Days of the month and students take the third and fourth. In this rotation, the responsibility to preach on Psalm 35 fell to one of our students, Jason Walter.

While the imprecatory Psalms are difficult to read and apply, and this seems to be almost universally acknowledged, our brother preached to us an edifying, challenging, Christ-honoring sermon on this difficult text. Not only did the Psalm become accessible to us, but we learned how to employ it in our prayers.

Beyond this, it was an example to us of how to preach a text like this. You will be greatly edified by listening. May the Lord help us all to learn and pray all of the Psalms. Here is the link.

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