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Absolutely Amazing

By admin | December 24, 2008

In August, our family visited Sea World San Diego for a day of fun and relaxation. We purchased tickets which gave us two days of admission, the second day could be used almost any time through the rest of 2008. Since our daughter is out of school this week, we decided to return and visit during the holiday break, and we spent yesterday (23 December) down at the park. What we found was absolutely amazing. We spent most of the day riding on the different amusement rides and watching the various shows. It is fun to observe what animals are able to do under the instruction of a skilled trainer. In August, we found that the night time shows were especially good, so we decided to end our day watching ‘Shamu’s Holiday Night’ show in the big Shamu stadium along with many thousands of other park guests.

The Killer Whale show is always the most spectacular of the Sea World shows, and we expected it to be a great way to conclude our day. Little did we know just how good it would be. The entire show was scripted to Christmas Carols–not Santa Claus is Coming to Town or Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, but explicitly Christian hymns. Several of them were sung by a choir, and at the end, the whole stadium was asked to stand and sing Joy to the World. The words were displayed on the big screen over the pool, and it was a great moment in which to participate. Not one secular Christmas song was included in the 25 minute program. My wife and I looked at each other in utter amazement, and with deep thanksgiving. As I looked out over the crowd, I felt like I was experiencing a foretaste of the great day when every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Christ is Lord. I know that many, if not most, of the crowd were unconverted–nevertheless the facts of the Gospel were sung, and in the most unexpected of settings. I was overwhelmed by it all–deeply moved by the moment. The beauty of the setting; the spectacular acts of the Orca and their trainers; and the songs of Christmas. It was fantastic.

I am thankful that the management of Sea World made the decision to present their show like this.  It was an amazing end to the day. If only more corporations would follow their lead . . . .

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