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Google Books

By admin | February 11, 2008

Have you explored the amazing resources available on Google Books? It is an astounding growing collection of books–some very rare and hard to find in hard copy.

You will find treasures such as:

Orme’s Remarkable Passages in the Life of William Kiffin

Underhill’s edition of The Broadmead Records

The Hanserd Knollys’ Society’s edition of Tracts on Liberty of Conscience

John Cotton’s Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven

Isaac Backus’s History of New England with Particular Reference to the Baptists

Spurgeon’s Commenting and Commentaries

and many more. The 19th century editions of many puritan works may be found, as well as loads of important Baptist histories and treatises. It should be noted that sometimes only one volume of a set will be available. For example, at present (Feb. 2008) only two of the four volumes of Wilson’s Dissenting Meeting Houses in London are available. Nevertheless, this is an incredible resource. Tolle lege.

Topics: Baptist History, Calvinism, Confessions, Covenant Theology, John Owen, Pastoral Ministry, Preaching, Reformed Theology, Spurgeon | Comments Off on Google Books

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