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Counter-attacks against Historic Christianity: Old errors die hard

By admin | November 12, 2008

Do you ever scratch your head and wonder what other professing believers are thinking? I do. We see some hopeful signs that historic Christianity is being recovered, and now we hear of attempts being made to undo the progress of the last few years. Old errors die hard.

Two of these are really amazing. First, there is the John 3:16 Conference, held last week in Georgia. The blogosphere is full of comments; one of the most helpful may be found here. Having heard Jerry Vines preach on John 3:16 at Southern Seminary in August, I am not at all surprised by the content of the messages. Curiously, there were no notable theologians among them–most were successful mega-ministers. Of course these men are fighting a losing battle, but their rhetoric indicates just how serious the issues are. We should not mince words either. I am more and more convinced that we need to call these men what they are: Pelagians and Semi-pelagians. There is no need to mince words or cover over reality. What they propose is serious error, and should be identified and resisted as such. If they are the power brokers in the SBC, I ask the question, why would anyone want to stay in it? It’s better to get out and leave the carcass to the carrion. Dead doctrines deserve nothing better.

Another recent event of note is the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics held at Baptist Bible Seminary in Clark’s Summit, PA. Recognizing that old line dispensationalism is waning, these men gathered in an attempt to rehabilitate and reinvigorate the position. Let’s hope that the attempt fails miserably. Christ’s church doesn’t need another round of the nonsense promoted in the past by dispensationalists. It is far better that Old line dispensationalism be left behind.

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