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For Internet Explorer Users

By admin | November 8, 2008

Dear Friends,

We have been aware that there have been display problems for some users of Internet Explorer. This has confused us for a long time, but we have finally found the problem. It seems to be a software conflict created when we copy and paste certain material from MS Word files into the WordPress ‘Write Post’ function. Formatting from MS Word carries over and conflicts with the display on Internet Explorer. Even though we have been using the utility for importing text from Word, the difficulty has persisted.

Now that we have identified the problem, we have taken some steps to rectify it. We have surveyed our previous posts and have attempted to correct the issue; and now being aware of the nature of the problem, we hope to avoid it in the future. If you find a post that still does not function properly, please let us know.

Of course all of you might make a simple correction also: upgrade your browser to Firefox!

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