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Hearing the Lord: The Essence of Ministerial Training

By admin | September 8, 2008

Submitted by Prof. Renihan

What factor is central to preparation for the Gospel ministry? Some might argue that it is the acquisition of knowledge; others might focus on the development of gift. Each of these is certainly of importance in the life of a man who seeks to serve God and his people in a Christian congregation. But there is something else that must serve as the foundation of these other things, defining and shaping them. Without it, these trained men are really no different from other successful products of professional graduate schools. They may be able to understand and express the truth well, or present themselves notably; perhaps they will serve congregations that grow increasingly larger and will have a name as successful ministers. But the outward appearance of success may be empty and ultimately vain.

On Thursday Sept. 4, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey, President of Westminster Seminary California opened the new school year by preaching on Psalm 85 at Convocation. Entitled “Hear the Lord“, Dr. Godfrey’s sermon addresses the most basic need that must be cultivated in men who aspire to the ministry: Scripture-based godliness. I was challenged and refreshed by this exposition and application of the Word of God. Afterwards, I thanked Dr. Godfrey for his words, telling him that I think it was a most appropriate way to commence a new academic year. With the Lord’s blessing, it should set the tone for our work here in Escondido.

Please take the time to listen to Dr. Godfrey’s sermon. The link above will take you to the necessary website. It is worth your time to listen.

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