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Report: Conference on 17th Century English Baptists; mp3s now available

By admin | August 29, 2008

Attending conferences can be a dodgy experience. Some are always good (e.g. the Westminster Seminary California Faculty Conference held annually in January); others may make you wish that you had saved the time and money and stayed home. On Monday and Tuesday, it was my great pleasure to attend a conference that was excellent in both content and organization. The Andrew Fuller Center on the campus of Southern Seminary, directed by Michael Haykin, hosted a meeting on the 17th Century English Baptists. It was excellent. I enjoyed the plenary sessions (well, almost all of the plenary sessions) very much, but was especially pleased to sit in on the parallel sessions which gave young scholars (and some more established scholars) an opportunity to present some of their research. It really was great to meet them and to listen to some of them.

Steve Weaver, who is Dr. Haykin’s assistant, did a fantastic job of organizing the Conference. He has just posted mp3 recordings of the sessions here. You will need to scroll down the page a little, but you will be able to download the recordings. Don’t miss Tom Nettles, Barry Howson, Austin Walker and especially Al Mohler (whose message was on target even though he broadened the subject quite a bit). Enjoy and be blessed!

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