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Is Bibliolatry Possible?

By admin | August 19, 2008

Is Bibliolatry Possible? by Dr. S. M. Baugh

One of the great blessings of IRBS being associated with Westminster Seminary California is coming to know the men on the WSC faculty. Prof. Baugh, who lectures in New Testament, is one of those delightful teachers. He loves Christ, the Word of God, and the people of God.

In 1996, he published a short article in Modern Reformation magazine entitled ‘Is Bibliolatry Possible?’ Here is the first paragraph:

I’m not wont to read letters to editors. Time, I suppose, or a perceived lack thereof. Or perhaps it’s outrage. All the posturing and petty outrage of our age shows up there. But I did read one letter in a religious periodical recently. It was from a science department chairman in a Christian college whom I will call Professor Psmith (the “P” is silent as in psychosis), a pseudonym of course. Professor Psmith tells us in his capacity as a “scientifically trained Christian” that he observes a grave danger rising from “North American fundamentalism” and its handling of the Bible. (We may assume that being trained scientifically has made Professor Psmith’s powers of observation more piquant here than in the rest of us.) Specifically, he believes that “creation scientists” and their followers tend “to transform the biblical text, or a set of human assertions regarding the text, into an object of worship: biblicism bordering on bibliolatry.”

The rest of the article may be found here. It is worth your time to read it.

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